Will cheap mobile games kill the gaming industry?

A recent report revealed some startling facts about mobile gaming and the rise of smart phone gamers. According to this study by Nielsen, a game quality assurance and analytic group, an iPhone user spends around 15 hours on average every month playing games. Android users weren?t far behind by cloaking 9.3 hours monthly average while other smart phone users were at 7.8 hours.  Overall around 64% of people who download applications have installed a game in the past 30 day period making gaming apps the most popular genre of apps.

The success of games like Best Fiends cheats confirm the rise of mobile gaming and other popular apps are complimenting these findings quite nicely. In fact Zynga recently filed a 1 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) giving a clear warning to the gaming industry, especially the console based publishers and gamers that ?mobile gaming is the next big thing?. However the question that many gaming developers are asking themselves is: is this really true?
Although the message is clear many publishers are not very worried considering that the market is still dominated by console games. According to Nintendo the cost of production for many mobile and social games is extremely low in comparison with console games, this is due to low expenditure on Game Programming, development, production and programming costs. This means that when the time comes for jumping ships or expanding over to mobile and social platforms it will not be difficult, especially for a video game development company that already has the assets, technology and manpower necessary to develop games for consoles and the PC market.

The rise of cheap mobile games, even as low as 99 cent apps are compared to that of the iTunes music revolution and that of the takeover of the traditional books market by indie self?publishers via eBooks. Does this mean that internet is about to change the gaming industry once again? Lots of Game Testers reported that companies and developers have already started integrating their games into social and mobile platforms. Some publishers, like Blizzards, already have a huge social following and are quite dominant online due to success of their popular MMORPG?s. EA and other major studios and platforms such as Sony, Microsoft, etc., have also started experimenting with social media platforms, as well as the development of games for mobile devices. For the near future, gaming companies are quite unlikely to have any serious issues due to the rising popularity of mobile games. There will always be a demand for console and PC games, in addition to mobile games. To give another example, even though many people watch videos online on websites such as YouTube, it doesn’t mean that they no longer go to the movies or watch television. Mobile gaming is simply another platform and is meant to compliment not replace traditional PC and console games.

IMVU Credits Adder [FREE Download] [No Survey] [Direct Download]

IMVU combines a downloadable chat program and an online social networking site that includes user profiles, messaging, groups, and other common social features. Chat rooms are rendered in 3-D, and users create avatars that can chat and perform different actions. A basic membership is free and comes with a limited number of credits, which can be used to buy avatar-related items. For about $10 a month, users can upgrade to VIP status, which gives them access to a wider variety of features, enabling them to create and host chat rooms, sell virtual goods, and more.
Free IMVU cheats is an online social entertainment website founded in 2004, in which members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play games. IMVU has over 3 million active users[3] and currently has the largest virtual goods catalog of more than 6 million items. The business is located in Mountain View, California and currently has 120 full-time employees. It is also known as one of the leading practitioners of the Lean Startup approach.
The company name “IMVU” is neither an acronym nor an initialism. IMVU co-founder Eric Ries described the accidental process by which the company acquired its meaningless name, and stated “It’s not an acronym; it doesn’t stand for anything”.
Game contains its own economy with a currency system based on IMVU “credits” and “promotional credits.” A third form of currency also exists for members who sell custom-made items, “developer tokens,” which are earned when a user purchases an item with “promo credits,” also known as “predits.” Credits can be purchased online using actual currency either directly from IMVU or from third party resellers. Credits may also be purchased on IMVU gift cards available from retail outlets such as department stores. Credits may not be transferred back from IMVU to actual currency but can be sold to registered resellers who will purchase them for real-world currency. The credits are used by members to purchase virtual items like fashion pieces (hair, clothes, skins, and accessories), pets, and 3D scenes such as homes, clubs and open landscapes. Furniture can also be purchased the same way and placed into unlocked rooms, but there are also rooms that have some furniture included in them as well as locked rooms that include furniture that can not be removed.
Many users are content creators, creating and selling products in the catalog. Users also devote time to customizing their individual homepages, setting up public and private rooms, creating and participating in user groups (similar to forums but personalized via the owner), and participate in the Community forums. Additionally, there are numerous user produced third-party websites providing additional forums and resources to the IMVU community. IMVU users also do peer reviewing on virtual products waiting to be submitted into the IMVU catalog.
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Promotional credits, abbreviated to “promo-credits” or “predits,” are a second form of currency distributed to members by IMVU and can be obtained by participating in various “Partner” promotions as well as a few activities the IMVU provides. With relation to a standard free or full member, promo-credits are similar to standard credits. A given number of credits equates, promo-credits cannot be used to purchase items as gifts for other members and may not be traded back to an IMVU reseller for actual currency. Promo-credits used to purchase a virtual product are exchanged into “Developer Tokens,” also known as “Dev Tokens.” The purchase transfers the Predits into Dev Tokens but nets a single developer token per purchase when predits are used regardless of the price of the product purchased
This is an original instant messaging tool that lets you chat with people from all over the globe in a 3D environment, instead of the plain, text-only chat room we’re all used to.
In IMVU, your personality is not represented by just a simple nickname: it’s a fully three-dimensional, Sims-style 3D character you can customize in many ways: skin color, hair style, clothes, pets, actions and animations, etc.
As unique as it sounds, IMVU works just like any other IM client. You start by registering a user account on the program’s website, picking your avatar and customizing his or her appearance. Then simply join the network and look for some interesting people to chat with, either on your personal space or in one of the public chat rooms.
Besides just chatting, IMVU also lets you perform certain actions with your avatar. Just right-click on the character and you’ll open a context menu with all the options, classified into several categories: movements, moods, expressions and more. IMVU also features a credits system that enables you to acquire new apparel for your avatar and customize the appearance of your hair, eyes and more.
It is undeniably very original in certain aspects. But this originality sometimes makes it a bit confusing. For example, chats are hard to follow on it’s speech bubbles, so you’ll eventually end up following the conversation in the text box – like any other IM client. Also, moving around the 3D space is difficult and sometimes frustrating, as it can get really slow depending on your internet connection.

Getting Started with Android Apps Development

Android is a global platform, and its worldwide acceptance is the biggest motivation among android apps developers. According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s head for its android operation, active android users number between 90 and 110 million in the US alone. Worldwide, android users are about 900 million. Evidently, there is a big market for android applications. This is good news for the global developers’ community that seems to grow in membership by the day. Thus, you need not wonder why the demand for android developer tools is on the rise.

There are three main sources of android apps: Google, Apple and Microsoft. However, Apple remains in the lead when it comes to the number of apps available for download and developer earnings. Apple has 1,250,000 total apps in its store while Google has 800,000. Microsoft has 160,000. There are also 235,000 developers for Apple and only 150,000 and 45,000 for Google and Microsoft, respectively. The total number of downloads is in billions wherein users have downloaded apps from Apple 50 billion times and Google 48 billion times. Microsoft’s total number of downloads is around 650 million times, however.

Further, while Apple had already paid developers up to $5 billion in download earnings, Microsoft tends to be the most rewarding platform for app developers. Microsoft had already paid the developers a total of $100 million to date, but its earnings per download is $.1538. Apple pays the developers $.1 per download and Google pays $.01875.

As such, before you should ask how to make big money selling android apps, you should start by thinking about these figures. Your android apps must be downloaded at least 5,000 times, so you may earn around $90 from Google, $500 from Apple and around $760 from Microsoft. It takes at least 2 weeks to develop an android app, depending on your skills and expertise and the complexity of the app being developed. It also requires a minimal investment of about $100 per app developed.

There is nothing completely wrong with the desire to be a part of the growing developers’ community. There are two main drivers here. First is the demand for app developers and second is the demand for android apps. However, you need to know where to get started somehow. Learning how to develop an android app is not a simple process, but if you can bend the learning curve some more, then why not? There are thousands of android developer tools and tutorials online. You just have to discern and pick the best tutorial materials available. Even Pichai noted that the biggest winners could be the vendors providing tools needed in creating android apps.

The best android programming tutorial is one that teaches you what you need to know to develop a completely working game or other apps regardless of your programming skills and experience. The lessons must be divided into digestible chunks, especially for newbie creators who have to learn the programming basics first. If you must, you should look for an android programming tutorial that doesn’t stop in teaching you how to create an app. Instead, the tutorial must also consist of ways on how to make big money selling android apps. These should include techniques in monetizing the app and generating traffic where you can market your app creations. This might sound ideal, but yes, there are tutorials that include all these.

Aside from the useful tips that every android programming tutorial must provide its students, the goal of every tutorial is encouraging the creators to produce high quality applications that are of real value to the users. Games, for instance, must be entertaining with all the audios and visuals. They should also evoke strategic thinking, problem solving and creativity. Did you know that the leading android games are arcade and action, casual, and brain and puzzle games?

Regardless of which android development tutorial you choose, this software development process is highly reliant on Google-powered android open source platform. Android is the ultimate choice among app developers due to its responsiveness to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Android has various android developer tools and features that make it perfect for a development environment. It also has a rich framework and in-build browser that makes android suitable for graphical usage. Basically, the android programming tutorial should start with learning what android is and why a creator should develop android apps among other platforms.

7 free game apps for Android worth getting today

Today’s list of seven free game apps for Android worth getting today starts with Android’s free game app, ‘Farm Heroes Saga’. This new free game app arrives on Android after being a hit on Facebook. Because this free game app syncs with its Facebook version’users can play on either an Android mobile device or Facebook, according to a Jan. 2 report in Android Community.
‘Farm Heroes Saga’ is designed by the creators or ‘Candy Crush Saga’. Rather than matching candy however, you match farm products while fighting boss fights against Rancid the Raccoon.
Being downloaded a lot today too is ‘Flying Flea’, a free app. In this endless runner Android game, you help four fleas fly through a grassy underground cave while avoiding walls and other objects. This app supports Game Center and there are 40 different achievements.
Very popular today is the free Android app, ‘Enemy Lines-Real-Time Strategy’. Here you train troops, develop air units and vehicles with special skills, develop alliances’and then go head-to-head against other players in intense battles. This free app offers weekly tournaments.
Also popular today is ‘CastleVille Legends’, a free game where you explore magical lands, expand your kingdom, trade goods and discover treasure and magical places. An internet connect isn’t required so you can play this game anywhere.
A really popular Android download today is the free app, ‘Bypass Labyrinth’. This fast-paced puzzle game’s goal is to direct a ball into an exit within the allotted time.
All these game apps can be downloaded for free at the Android store, Google Play.
Amazon’s App Store for Android is giving away as a free gift today, ‘Munch Time’, an app that is normally 99 cents. In this game you help a chameleon catch lunch by way of a zany mash of puzzles and challenges that will keep you entertained. In order for the chameleon to eat the flowers for lunch, he must change color, but in order to change color, he must catch certain flies…get the idea?
Talking about pets, Amazon’s app store has another cool Android app that’s super-hot in popularity too. It’s called ‘Dream Fish’ and its for anyone who has ever owned tropical fish as pets’or who ever wanted to. In this free app, you choose fish and feed, care for, and breed them. You also build a fish tank (or as many as you want) and decorate it (or them). When you raise your fish, you can sell them to purchase more fish and equipment.
This reporter will be back again with a list of free game apps for Android worth getting.